A Dashboard for Pihole Stats

Pihole + Grafana + InfluxDB Dashboard

Grafana Dashboard
I wanted to add the metrics from my ad-blocker, the great Pihole to my executive dashboard. To create the dashboard I used Grafana to display the graphs and InfluxDB a the time-series backend database. I use a simple python script to get the metrics from pihole and record them in influxdb.
Grafana makes it easy to render them into a user friendly dashboard.

Installing Grafana and Influxdb is beyond the scope of this blog post but here is the scipt that I use to get the data from pihole and insert it into Influx.

After you’re getting data in your influx db you’ll have to create a grafana dashboard.

An overview of the steps:

  • Install Grafana
  • Create a Datasource - in Grafana, type InfluxDB
  • Create a Dashboard - Name it whatever you want
  • Add a ROW to your Dashboard - Give it a name if you want (optional)
  • Add some panels - In the example (above) I used Singlestat, Gauge, Graph, Gauge and Singlestat

The values I used for the graph panel:

Grafana Dashboard

This is just a general overview. You’ll obviously have to customize this for your environment / requirements which is left an exercise for the reader.

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