Mcombo 7040 Lift Chair Manual

I recently purchased an Mcombo 7040 Lift Chair for my elderly grandfather. Prior to purchasing the chair my Grandfather had some questions so I figured I would have a look at the manual for answers. Surprised that I couldn’t find one, I decided to post it here.

Mcombo Lift Chair

The Assembly Manual

Mcombo 7040 Lift Chair Manual

About the chair

A lift chair is a chair designed to help elderly people who have challenges standing upright on their own. I decided to go with this chair because of it’s user reviews (almost 5 stars) and the value.


After reading the reviews online I learned that the chair would arrive in two boxes. Two large and very heavy boxes. The boxes arrived a day before Amazon’s estimated shipping date so that’s a plus.


Ideally, two people are needed to unpack and assemble the chair. I was able to do it alone, but another person would have made the final part somewhat easier.


I was surprised to find that the assembly didn’t require any additional tools (aside from a knife to open the packaging). The assembly manual is only 5 pages, but not really needed if you’re reasonably handy.


The chair base
The chair back
The parts kit

Final Thoughts

Here are a few initial observations:


  • The chair is very sturdy. Despite it arriving in a few boxes and requiring assembly, everything plugs together hardily weighing in at over 100 lbs (48 kg).
  • The movement is very quiet. The motor is virtually silent.
  • The chair received an honorable mention on SeniorsMatter. First place was given to a more expensive chair. The value of this chair proves to be a good bang for your buck.


  • There are some particle board backing pieces that have yet to be fully wear tested. I’ll update this page if any issues are encountered.
  • Some additional wire management (cable ties, sturdy tape) has been recommended by other chair reviewers. The model I received looks as if that has been addressed by the manufacturer, but I’ll probably add a couple of wire ties just to be safe.

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