Troubleshooting Consul systemd on Raspberry Pi

I run a Hashistack on my homelab and I’ve had a startup issue with Consul on one of my Raspberry Pis. The systemd unit file is correct and I was able to start the service manually with systemctl start consul without issue. However, consul just would not start successfully on boot. I finally had some time to work on the issue tonight and the fix was actually quite simple. Troubleshooting consul is rarely simple, but working with a simple systemd startup script shouldn’t be that bad. Here’s what happened…

Argon One

I’m running my Pi in the fantastic Argon One case with an M.2 NVMe SSD. I mention it because I think it’s actually relevant. Well, the relevant part is that my Raspberry Pi boots from an NVMe instead of a traditional SD Card.

Argon One NVME M.2 Expansion Board


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