AiGenArt, AI Generated Art - Saturn

Saturn. This is an interesting piece. The keywords I used for this creation were ‘saturn’ and ‘smoke’.

Saturn - AI Generated Art

It began with a mostly blank frame / canvas. The machine learning and training model set out to discover Saturn and generate accordingly. As the piece evolved (video below), I started to notice what appear to be rigid, unnatural lines take shape. It turns out that the machine found Saturn to be not only a planet, but also a car manufacturer! The result is an interesting collision of abstraction as only a computer could reason. Here is how the piece took form.

This is the blank canvas it started with:

Saturn - Iteration 50

This is what it created at 50 iterations:

Saturn - Iteration 50

This is after 200 iterations:

Saturn - Iteration 200

This is the final work that was created after 400 iterations. You can see what appears to be hard manufactured, unnatural lines (the shape of a manmade vehicle) in addition to the natural flowing curves of the universe.

Saturn - Iteration 400

Finally, here is a video of the computer creating it:


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