Pushover Desktop? Yes, on Apple Silicon.

Pushover on macOS

At home I run a lot of gadgets. A mix of computer servers, IoT devices and various Raspberry Pi projects that I’ve built. I always want to be aware of what’s happening with the home, so I’ve been using a notification app called Pushover. It’s a nice notification utility that can send messages to your phone or tablet, in addition to your desktop browser. The keyword here is browser.

I’ve been a paying customer of Pushover for a few years and I think it’s a great app. It has a great API, it always works, and it never bloats. I use it on my phone and I used to use it on my iPad (before I retired it).

There was a desktop application but it’s been deprecated for quite some time and no one has taken over in it’s stead. As a desktop user, this was annoying because I always had to have my browser tab open to the pushover.net client website to receive notifications.

Grouped Pushover Notifications

The Answer was Here All Along

Recently, Apple released new capability with macOS Big Sur and Monterey: The ability to run iOS apps. Soooo… If you’re like me and you’ve been looking for a pseudo-Desktop version of Pushover for macOS, head over to the Apple App Store and get the iPad version. It works great as a desktop app.



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