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Solar: Update 2

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Tracking electricity usage is an important component of solar power. In order to help me achieve this goal, I wrote some software to help me monitor my electricity usage. Each month when the electric bill arrives, I input the data into an iPhone applet. This applet records the data into a database. I’m not going to link to it for privacy reasons, but here’s a picture of the applet:

Here are a couple of graphs produced from it. The first are the bill amounts:
Bill amounts

The second is the number of kiloWatt hours used:
kWh used

Here’s the latest data (as of Wednesday 25th of November 2015 10:16:40 PM):

  • 75 months of data
  • 68,015 kiloWatt hours used totalling: $USD 8,243.51. This equates to a practical average price per watt of: $USD 0.12 (including base charges and tax)
  • Average bill amount: $USD 109.91
  • Average kWh per month: 907

iPhone page to record mileage

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

I wrote a page for my iPhone that allows me to update my mileage remotely from a gas station. When I enter my gas mileage, it automatically updates the stats on my hypermiled car page. Here’s a screenshot of the iPhone applet:

iPhone record mileage