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Great commute: 63.2 MPG

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Today, with a combination of astute driving and good traffic conditions, I was able to hypermile the Insight up to 63.2 MPGs. I discovered a few “tricks” during the drive and I’m going to try to utilize them more during my daily drive. Among them are much more conservative acceleration, pulsing and gliding on the gas, and avoiding coasting with the clutch depressed. It seems that in the Insight, having the assist battery fully charged results in more effective “assist” during heavy motor use (climbing hills, etc). At this rate, I’ll be able to travel 630 miles on a tank of gas (in theory).

As the price of gasoline creeps up (yet again), it’s nice knowing that I’m mitigating both my financial obligation and my carbon footprint.

Here are a few pics:

How high gas prices paid for my car

Friday, July 20th, 2007

The stage is set:

I drive my VW Jetta exactly 50 miles a day to and from work. When gas prices started going up in the Summer of 2006, I decided to figure out exactly how much fuel was costing me each workday. So, one morning on the way to work, I stopped at the gas station nearest my home. I filled my tank and reset my trip counter to zero. I recorded the price per gallon ($3 something a gallon!). Then, I drove directly to work, worked, and drove back to the same gas station. I pulled up to the same pump I filled up at that morning. I took note of how many miles I had driven, and sure enough it read almost exactly 50 miles. Next, I refilled my gas tank. It cost me $7. I had burned $7 dollars worth of fuel just going to work and back! That came as quite a shock. I knew gas prices were high, but I never thought that I was spending that much each day. $3 a Gallon?!? Somethings gotta give! After doing some homework on the web (, et al., I decided to buy a much more fuel efficient car (and a soon to be FREE CAR).

Enter the $1,000 commuter car: The 1995 Ford Aspire

Ford Aspire

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